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3D Whole Organ Solution

Nebulum offers 3D tissue processing (clearing and labeling) and lightsheet imaging services so that all researchers can easily and quickly acquire 3D information from their tissue samples of any size. This service is as easy as sending a tissue sample to our service location and then receiving a hard drive with over thousands of images* in 3 weeks. 

*approximately 300GB for a dual-channel whole mouse brain imaging data 

Service includes:

  • Animal Perfusion Kit

  • Whole Tissue Clearing

  • Whole Tissue Immunolabeling

  • Lightsheet Imaging

  • ​Image Data Processing/Visualization

Validated Tissue Sample Types:

  • Mice: Brain, Lung, Kidney, Liver, Retina, Testis, Intestine, Muscle, Skin

  • Rat:  Brain Slice

  • Human: Xenografted Cancer Organoids

Filling out the request form and our associate will get back to you within 1 business day.


3D Spheroid Solutions

Improve translation between in vivo & in vitro

Our proprietary immunolabeling technique can allow fast and even penetration of antibodies into a spheroid/organoid sample. Along with tissue clearing and lightsheet microscopy imaging, we offer world-class 3D cell culture imaging data solutions.


3D Data Analysis Solutions

Quantification and analysis of 3D imaging data sets

Quantitative data analysis is necessary to obtain true biological insights. We offer imaging data analysis services such as vasculature mapping, tumor area/volume quantification, cell/neuron counting and classification, machine learning analysis, and more.


Drug Discovery Solutions

Customized 3D in vivo / ex vivo models

3D whole organ imaging has so many applications and we have only explored the tip of the iceberg. We are always passionate and excited to help scientists and clinicians to accelerate their studies by customizing our pipeline to fit their needs. 




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